About Us


barbaraConsignment has always made sense to me. I was a fan of Nashville’s original consignment sale, the Stock Exchange, held each fall by Sissy McAlister and friends. When Sissy stopped doing the sale, she encouraged Claire Coble and Donna McCullough to carry on that tradition. After two sales, Claire retired and I became Donna’s partner.

Consignment is win-win. The consignor clears storage areas of unused items and rooms of too much furniture and clutter. The shopper has an opportunity to buy furnishings of quality – often one-of-a-kind pieces – at great prices. I’m the biggest winner because I get to interact with both consignors and shoppers and to handle their beautiful things.

Ours is a shop where we know many of our customers by name. Browsers are welcome. No one is going to try to “sell” you something. Many customers tell us we’re their favorite shop; they love the relaxed atmosphere, the friendly staff, and the anticipation of great new merchandise.

The variety of inventory in our shop ranges from exquisite antique pieces, to brand-new wedding gifts the bride thinks she will never use. You never know what you may find at CHCI!

companyI love the business. Twenty six years later, I’m still at it. Sadly, Donna and Claire have passed away. I think of them, and Donna’s husband, Royal, often. I will always miss them and be grateful for all they taught me.

My terrific staff has been with me for many years. I can’t imagine this shop without Emily Zimmerman, Julia Haselden, Danny Pirtle and, more recently, Barry Crockett. We are a team. It is our joint effort that produces our success and makes going to work fun.